Friends are supposed to be there for you, right?

I have no problems with strangers disliking my fashion tastes, but it's a real kick in the face when it's your friends.

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On wednesday I went to college as per usual, except I threw together a simple sweet coord, nothing too OTT but not too casual. It was my first time wearing lolita at college and I was feeling pretty confident because I actually asked for permission from my 'friends' if I could wear it. You know, because some people can find lolita fashion weird and it might be embarrassing for them. They said yes so I assumed everything was going to be all good. How wrong I was.

I entered my lesson a little later than my friends (they usually get there early, so it was only them in the room) because I previously printed out my assignment that was due in. Oh how they stared while giving a chorus of 'ohhhh myyy godddd'. Not the awestruck omg, the belittling 'you look so stupid' omg. I ignored their remarks and just smiled, hurried over and sat down.

One of my friends claimed I looked like Velma from scooby doo.... WHAT HOW? I was wearing a bittersweet pink/black coord, not an orange turtleneck sweater and a red miniskirt. My hair's not even brown... Then I got a comment from another so called friend (who I actually hate so I'm not too bothered about what she has to say) that my skirt was too long. I tried to educate them on the fashion to give them a better understanding of what I was wearing but they wouldn't take it. They just ignored what I had to say and continued to believe I was trying to be from the 1940's or something... again not sure how they came up with this?

The comments continued throughout the day, and the people who I thought would dislike my choice of clothing didn't even bat an eyelash. Go figure.
Does anyone else have shitty friends?

Would also like to mention that one of my lecturers gave me a funny look too. Sighhhhhh. Ah well. I know not to wear lolita to college again.

Lolita fashion

I'm new so I hope I am not doing anything wrong.Since this is Lolita rage I feel you could give me some constructive criticism. I am studying fashion design and I am doing my end of year range on Lolita fashion, so I need to get a better understanding as to what the community is like. I hope I am not stepping on any toes, but If you would be so kind to answer me these questions and either message them back to me or E-mail me ( I would really appreciate it! Again I am merely trying to learn more not advertise.

1. What is Lolita in your opinion?

2. Why do you like Lolita fashion? What attracts you to it.

3. When Did you start wearing it? and Why? and where do you generally wear it to?

4. What do you like about it?

5. What don't you like about it?

6. What do you find is lacking? (Accessibility, fabric quality, tailoring quality etc.?

7. Any other useful information:

Thank you ans sorry for any inconveniences I may have caused.

I'm trying to be Japanese!...I guess

I like Japanese fashion, mostly Lolita, but I've seen some Gyaru that I'd love to get and Mori girl is totally up my alley. Now, I've showed my family what Lolita looks like, and told them what it is, and how I want to start dressing like that, ect ect. My sister says it's old fashioned and ugly (I don't care what she thinks, we've always had differing styles), dad sometimes teases me about how I want to start dressing like a girl, but my mom. She thinks because it started in Japan and a lot of the models are Asian, that I'm trying to become Japanese. No. Just, please, don't.
I haven't even shown her Mori girl or Gyaru because I'm afraid she'll keep going on about how "I'm trying to be Japanese". I mean, for goodness sake! She's basically calling me a weeaboo but I'm not sure she actually knows the term! I keep telling her that I just like Japanese fashion (Including Mori and Gyaru) better than American fashion. As much as I hate it when she says that, I'm a little more concerned about what she's going to say to other people. I have to hope when I start wearing it she doesn't say anything, I'd HATE it if a bunch of people I knew thought I was some freakin' weeaboo or trying to be Japanese, just because I wear a fashion that started there.
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So, this fashion is for...?

First post here :3 sorry if I make some mistakes, english is not my first language.

I began wearing lolita 2 years ago, in June. My first time was quite good. Not the best outfit but I had read a lot about lolita and I knew I didn't look ita. I accompanied my friend to his graduation and everybody was quite nice, complimenting me and taking pictures.

The second time I've worn lolita was for a photoshoot with a photographer friend of mine. In the morning, I put my clothes on, dolled myself up, and then got out of her appartment. I had set only one foot outside her appartment and then... "OH MY GOD COME LOOK AT THIS!!!!!". It was her neighbor who was getting out of his appartment, telling his friends to come look at "this". I turned to him with an interrogative look and he said "Well... this is original". I wasn't sure if it was meant to be nice but I just laughed, said thanks and left.

Outside... oh boy. Outside. It appeared I was in the middle of a festival of some kind and there were people EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE. So I got stared at, a lot! But I didn't mind. There was a nice lady who said I was "SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" and asked for a picture (I said yes to that nice lady, obviously :3).

And then we got in an area where people can have a carriage ride! So there were horses everywhere, and I LOVE horses, so I went to take pictures with some of them :3 and then we meet this weird, old guy... he was around 60 years old and it appeared he was in charge of the carriage business. He walked off to me and stared at me. I smiled and said "Hi sir, how are you?". And then he answered "Wow, this is special... that costume". I said something among the lines of "Thank you, however this is not a costume, it is a Japanese fashion that kinda promotes modesty and is against hypersexualisation". I insisted that we must cover most of our skin and it is not sexy in any way.

And then. THEN. He looks at me with this blank stare, like his brain just shut off when I began my explanation, and he says :

"So, this is a fashion to make old perverts happy? Hehehehehehe"


Seriously, some people... :|

Drunk guys on the train station

So yesterday, after an awesome day with my local lolita community, I was heading home from the meet up. It wasn't that late, only around dinner time. One of the other lolitas had just left because her train arrived and I had to wait for about half an hour for my train to arrive. I'm sitting on a bench, minding my own business, checking facebook and EGL on my cell phone... and suddenly I'm surrounded by drunk guys (one of them in some kind of sloppy woman/fairy costume in giant green glasses!?)! They started asking questions and at first they seemed nice enough.. until one of them decided it was alright to sit down next to me, practically rubbing up against my arm and trying to read what I was writing on my phone. I stood up and left without a word. I walked to the other side of a small building at the train station because I still needed to wait for my train. I stood there for half a minute and another drunk guy came up to me, standing way too close for my liking. He stared very creepily and intensely at me and asked. "So, why are you standing there in such a delicious costume?" and my brain immediately froze. I couldn't think of what to do and politely answered his questions, but he made me really uncomfortable.. luckily, one of his friends came up and dragged him back to their drunk pack. I made sure to sit in the "Quiet Zone" with all the old people in the train since, sadly, we boarded the same train..

Just needed to get it out. It was a very uncomfortable experience, especially since I've never tried something like that before, only read about it on the internet :/
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Annoying sexist boys

This is not super related to Lolita, but I really need some advice.
So this is what happened. There is a guy, a skinny, slimy, and good for nothing guy who is in 2 of my courses. He constantly makes sexist remarks and insists that  "bitches" is the same as calling women ladies or gals. Since I go to a small high school, in one of the classes he always sits next to me in our class of 9. I don't think I can remember a single day this year where he did not pretend to slap me across the face or make some rude joke about my mother.  I used to think that he was doing this to impress his friends, but he really has quite a few and only gets attention making these low-blow jokes.
      I seriously don't think this tool has watched anything that doesn't have Seth Rogan or explicit nudity in it. The worst part is, the teachers don't give a fuck. "Boys will be Boys" or "He probably just likes you" they say. The school division has a Zero Tolerance Policy,  and it is common knowledge that I'm a lesbian. I really get the feeling that they just don't want to or know how to deal with this.  
    Before we graduate in June, we both have to work on a huge project which require many hours working and asking each others opinions. I can't stand to be around him, but I'm forced to up wards of 4 hours a day. We are a week into the three weeks it is going to take to finish it. He is always saying over and over again "Why do I have to do all the work around here?" "Why are you so stupid? Your a waste of my tax dollars" "Can women do anything right?" and "Why do you wear such slutty rags? (referring to Lolita)" Every fucking 30 seconds.
    Even worse him and his buddies joined Navy last month. Since I to am in the navy (for a summer job playing in the band) I have to attend basic training in the summer. The officers are much more strict, but the men more so, mis-understand bulling for flirting. I am really considering finding a new summer job, even if that means loosing my five thousand dollar scholar ship.
     I really have no idea how to handle this problem. Last time I did, it ended with me dumping a slushie down his back, that caused him to have a actual seizure and that ended up getting suspended from school for a half a month. So many people jump to the conclusion that I'm some sort of raging feminist and tell me "stop taking things so seriously". I'm sorry this is so long, but I can not handle this any more.

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Hi guys!
Well, the other day I went out of town to visit my boyfriend for a few days. I don't wear lolita often but that day I thought 'Why the hell not?' and slapped together a simple classic co-ordinate. As it was a Sunday evening, the train station was pretty much deserted apart from me and a group of kids (2 boys and 2 girls) who appeared to be about 12 to 13 years old. As I was waiting for my train I heard the girls shouting things such as "The girl sat at the end is a fucking weirdo!" "She looks like that freak on telly a while back!" (I'm assuming she was referring to Venus Angelic), "She should be slashing her fucking wrists!"

I was upset but decided not to say anything. While the boys remained quiet and stayed where they were, the girls would occasionally walk up and down the platform, often stopping next to me to stare or shout something else (At this point I was listening to my iPod at full volume to block them out). Eventually the train arrived and I made sure I was sat two carrages away from the group. This worked pretty well and I finally got some peace and quiet for some of the journey until I saw the girls walking up and down my carrage until they saw me and sat in the empty seats behind mine; they had followed me so they could continue to shout insults at me (prompting me to turn the volume up again).

Thankfully they got off a couple of stops before mine but it killed my self-esteem a bit. That said, I should have expected it really, I've gotten flak from strangers in my home town for wearing far less unusual clothing (it is one of those towns where everyone pretty much dresses the same to the point where wearing anything other than a tracksuit or skinny jeans gets you death threats). At least my boyfriend said I looked nice.
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