March 1st, 2013

Friends are supposed to be there for you, right?

I have no problems with strangers disliking my fashion tastes, but it's a real kick in the face when it's your friends.

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On wednesday I went to college as per usual, except I threw together a simple sweet coord, nothing too OTT but not too casual. It was my first time wearing lolita at college and I was feeling pretty confident because I actually asked for permission from my 'friends' if I could wear it. You know, because some people can find lolita fashion weird and it might be embarrassing for them. They said yes so I assumed everything was going to be all good. How wrong I was.

I entered my lesson a little later than my friends (they usually get there early, so it was only them in the room) because I previously printed out my assignment that was due in. Oh how they stared while giving a chorus of 'ohhhh myyy godddd'. Not the awestruck omg, the belittling 'you look so stupid' omg. I ignored their remarks and just smiled, hurried over and sat down.

One of my friends claimed I looked like Velma from scooby doo.... WHAT HOW? I was wearing a bittersweet pink/black coord, not an orange turtleneck sweater and a red miniskirt. My hair's not even brown... Then I got a comment from another so called friend (who I actually hate so I'm not too bothered about what she has to say) that my skirt was too long. I tried to educate them on the fashion to give them a better understanding of what I was wearing but they wouldn't take it. They just ignored what I had to say and continued to believe I was trying to be from the 1940's or something... again not sure how they came up with this?

The comments continued throughout the day, and the people who I thought would dislike my choice of clothing didn't even bat an eyelash. Go figure.
Does anyone else have shitty friends?

Would also like to mention that one of my lecturers gave me a funny look too. Sighhhhhh. Ah well. I know not to wear lolita to college again.