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I don't even care!

I love old people, I hate teens.

I have 4 basic styles. I'm a lolita, but I only own 3 jsk's and a skirt. Ones a pink frilly lace covered knee length bell shaped prom dress and one is Angelic Pretty. I made the rest. I'm "raver chique". I wear "raver gear" such as leather mini skirts and leather tank tops with cyberlox and fuzzy leg and arm warmers. I wear kimonos and my casual wear is normally considered gothic. I am also disabled to a point.

I get very very very angry at the teens in my area. But I think everyone does. During the weekend of the superbowl my mom and I went down town to check out the stuff they had going on (I live in Indianapolis) and it was getting dark so we went into the mall. I'm not even wearing Lolita. I'm wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a normal t-shirt with some fuzzy leg warmers and gloves because it was cold. A group of teens from out of town (Clearly because of their norther accents compared to the normal hoosier twang/southern drawl)  decide to follow my mom and I through the mall and call me the yeti. "Look Sarah! It's a yeti!" "*growling* The Yeti's gonna get you!" which bugged me but I just laughed it off because they looked like they might have been like 12. MAYBE my age but that's a stretch.

I wore lolita out ONCE! It was classic lolita. A long sleeve white button up with a black wrap around skit and OTK's in white and some black platform Mary Janes. The shoes got the most attention because they are 3 inch platform 5 inch heel. I'm working on getting a shorter pair. I got plenty of nice comments. An old lady came up to my mom while I was looking through some potential lolita dresses at goodwill, and goes "Is that your daughter? She is so cute!" and I had lots of nice comments from workers about how they loved my shoes and everything. As we were leaving a guy tripped me. I mean really? I walk with a very very clear limp because of foot and knee problems. I use a cane! (I didn't have it that day because I was feeling good) and He just tripped me! we went to taco bell for a quick lunch before a party (like a pampered chef party but for essential oils) and we sat in the front across from the door and this lady with 3 teenage kids sits behind us. My mom and I are just talking about random things and the people sitting behind us are whispering "what is she wearing? Do people really wear that?" I had changed tops at this point because i was getting hot. I changed back once I got cold. I had a short sleeved purple back and white plaid dress under my petti and skit.
The entire time we were there they just kept commenting on it. We got to the party and I explained to the lady that was hosting the parties mom about lolita fashion and she seemed to love it.

I really don't understand teens and young adults. Who in their right mind would make someone feel bad about dressing modestly rather than like a whore! I don't understand that!

My birthday is Tuesday, March 6th and I'm going out with my mom that day. I really want to wear my new Angelic Pretty dress but I don't know if I should because I don't want mine or my moms day to be ruined by ridicule.

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