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Hi guys!
Well, the other day I went out of town to visit my boyfriend for a few days. I don't wear lolita often but that day I thought 'Why the hell not?' and slapped together a simple classic co-ordinate. As it was a Sunday evening, the train station was pretty much deserted apart from me and a group of kids (2 boys and 2 girls) who appeared to be about 12 to 13 years old. As I was waiting for my train I heard the girls shouting things such as "The girl sat at the end is a fucking weirdo!" "She looks like that freak on telly a while back!" (I'm assuming she was referring to Venus Angelic), "She should be slashing her fucking wrists!"

I was upset but decided not to say anything. While the boys remained quiet and stayed where they were, the girls would occasionally walk up and down the platform, often stopping next to me to stare or shout something else (At this point I was listening to my iPod at full volume to block them out). Eventually the train arrived and I made sure I was sat two carrages away from the group. This worked pretty well and I finally got some peace and quiet for some of the journey until I saw the girls walking up and down my carrage until they saw me and sat in the empty seats behind mine; they had followed me so they could continue to shout insults at me (prompting me to turn the volume up again).

Thankfully they got off a couple of stops before mine but it killed my self-esteem a bit. That said, I should have expected it really, I've gotten flak from strangers in my home town for wearing far less unusual clothing (it is one of those towns where everyone pretty much dresses the same to the point where wearing anything other than a tracksuit or skinny jeans gets you death threats). At least my boyfriend said I looked nice.

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