I like chocolate! :D (chad_bear) wrote in angry_lace,
I like chocolate! :D

Short rant, does this frustrate you too?

I know this comm is usually for the ugly reactions we receive in lolita, but my lace is super angry right now, and I feel this rant is pretty relevant to the things we get flustered over as lolitas that those not into lolita may not experience or care about.

I found a dream dress a while back and jumped on the opportunity to purchase it.  The transaction went great, and the seller shipped it out the very next morning.  Like the little impatient duck that I am, I checked the tracking the next day. Already arrived at USAJFKA*.  I checked a few days later. USAJFKA.   a few days later, USAFJKA... okay, let's just calm down and check back in a week. :)



I'm sure everything is fine, it's just super frustrating, and if they decide to confiscate the dress, it's not like I bought it from a seller who can just send another, so I get anxious, haha ^__^;  It might also have to do with delays from big bad Sandy. To those affected, stay safe, guys!!

*Notoriously slow customs place in the states


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