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I'm trying to be Japanese!...I guess

I like Japanese fashion, mostly Lolita, but I've seen some Gyaru that I'd love to get and Mori girl is totally up my alley. Now, I've showed my family what Lolita looks like, and told them what it is, and how I want to start dressing like that, ect ect. My sister says it's old fashioned and ugly (I don't care what she thinks, we've always had differing styles), dad sometimes teases me about how I want to start dressing like a girl, but my mom. She thinks because it started in Japan and a lot of the models are Asian, that I'm trying to become Japanese. No. Just, please, don't.
I haven't even shown her Mori girl or Gyaru because I'm afraid she'll keep going on about how "I'm trying to be Japanese". I mean, for goodness sake! She's basically calling me a weeaboo but I'm not sure she actually knows the term! I keep telling her that I just like Japanese fashion (Including Mori and Gyaru) better than American fashion. As much as I hate it when she says that, I'm a little more concerned about what she's going to say to other people. I have to hope when I start wearing it she doesn't say anything, I'd HATE it if a bunch of people I knew thought I was some freakin' weeaboo or trying to be Japanese, just because I wear a fashion that started there.
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