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Lolita fashion

I'm new so I hope I am not doing anything wrong.Since this is Lolita rage I feel you could give me some constructive criticism. I am studying fashion design and I am doing my end of year range on Lolita fashion, so I need to get a better understanding as to what the community is like. I hope I am not stepping on any toes, but If you would be so kind to answer me these questions and either message them back to me or E-mail me ( I would really appreciate it! Again I am merely trying to learn more not advertise.

1. What is Lolita in your opinion?

2. Why do you like Lolita fashion? What attracts you to it.

3. When Did you start wearing it? and Why? and where do you generally wear it to?

4. What do you like about it?

5. What don't you like about it?

6. What do you find is lacking? (Accessibility, fabric quality, tailoring quality etc.?

7. Any other useful information:

Thank you ans sorry for any inconveniences I may have caused.

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