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angry_lace's Journal

!~ANGRY LACE~! Lolitas can rage, too!
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All Members , Moderated
Where Lolita can share stories off negative reactions to their fashion choices and how they deal.
Lolitas know for a fact that regardless how beautiful we are, we're going to get some less than beautiful comments with language as colourful as our fashion.
How do you deal?
Come share the funny things people say to you on the streets, the things your family says, or possibly horrible things that have happened and how your retaliated or coped with the situation.
-Please keep stories as clean as possible, and if you can't, keep it under a cut.
-If you want to share images, images larger than 400x400 must be under a cut.
-No sales entries.

Club inspired by lolialice story and burnt_tuna's hilarious "Angry Lace" comments.