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Self Defense

Well, I've noticed a trend. Seeing as a lot of your raging comes from strangers on the streets, I thought I'd go and dig up some self defense techniques.
Even if they aren't all comments about how urgly we look, sometimes it may be strange... or even sexually. Waaay past the point of where we are all comfortable. And maybe in situations, we may feel threatened. Therefore, self-defense may be needed.

"... BUT HOW!?" you may ask. Personally, I'm a "street fighter" myself. I have no formal techniques and fight out of anger.
So that is why I'm linking us to Selfdefense-4-women. Maybe some of you know how to kick major ass already, but some may need to brush up on their skills or maybe just get started. Whatever it takes to stay safe and keep the Lolita community strong, safe, and aware.

(Also... it has the roundhouse kick on there. ROUNDHOUSE KICK, GUYS!)